The integrity of our electoral systems and networks is more important than ever. According to the Brennan Center for Justice, the 2016 Russian cyberattacks exposed glaring vulnerabilities in U.S. voting systems. Hackers conducted “research and reconnaissance” against election networks in all 50 states, breached at least one state registration database, attacked local election boards, and infected the computers at a voting technology company.

We need to protect, detect and respond to cyber-attacks that will come. According to Florida Secretary of State Laurel Lee, “every single day, domestic actors and foreign actors attempt to penetrate our Department of State networks and the networks of supervisors of election around our state.’’ Mike will ensure we our conducting the appropriate daily back-ups of our voter registration logs and work to safeguard systems against intrusion.

A clean voter role is crucial for preventing voter fraud. I would use data provided by ERIC ensure our voter roll is up to date. ERIC is a non-profit group currently made up of 20 states — both red and blue — and the District of Columbia that shares large amounts of sensitive voter data to root out possible fraud, ensure more accurate voter rolls and encourage registration.  

We need to insure we are conducting risk-limiting audits after each election. The best way to confirm all votes that should be counted are counted is to perform complete post-election audit. Post-election audits confirm that votes are recorded and tallied accurately. 

The right to vote is a fundamental principle of our democracy. When more Americans can participate in our elections, the outcome better reflects who we are as a country. 

As Supervisor of Elections, Mike will work to ensure we have pre-paid postage for vote-by-mail, adding additional early voting locations and expanding the early voting period to the full 14-day period, including “Souls to the Polls” Sunday, allowed by Florida law.

All voters should have equal ability to vote early or on Election Day. I promise that I will work to make all polling places fully ADA compliant and will also ensure that the SOE website has the latest ADA features to allow every resident of Pinellas the opportunity to participate in our democracy.

Transparency is a key factor to maintain public trust in the elections process. As Supervisor of Elections Mike would form the county’s first Elections Academy to provide residents of Pinellas county the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge and expanded familiary of our elections process. The initiative would be designed to reinforce confidence in the integrity of our systems and reinforice the principle that every vote counts.

Mike would work to make information more widely available to residents through an enchanged website and expands the office’s reach through social media channels.

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